Flexible packaging for different kinds of food.

Bags, wrappers and packets for confectionery.

Dry Grocery

Packaging for coffee, tea, flours, sugars, dry pasta, oats, bran, rice and other dry goods sold at retail level.


Packaging options for snack foods, crackers, biscuits, cookies, health snacks and nuts.


Packaging for ready to eat cereals, muesli, breakfast & cereal bars.


Packaging supplies for in store bakery departments within supermarkets or retail bakeries. Options for sliced and loaf bread, cookies, snacks and other specialty items.


Packaging solutions for meat and meat products.

Vacuum packaged food

Vacuum packaging for different foods.

Frozen food

Ice cream, frozen fruit and vegetables, frozen meats and pastries - all need careful packaging design.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Packaging solutions for fresh fruits and vegetables sold by retailers.

Pet food

Packaging solutions for dry pet foods, pet snacks and treats.